As the sun sets over the mountains and the earth takes a pause, the warmth of the day mellows down and the fireflies start dancing in the quiet Karoo night.


The Riverine rabbit stretches itself out lazily after the day’s rest – awakening to explore the abundance of the valley and breathe in the Cilliés from Laastedrif’s feasts of labour, produced with pride and care over many generations.


sea salt

Snoek & patat 

Yummy and crunchy 

Proudly produced in Ceres, South Africa


No added MSG

No artificial colours

Product range 

Our Farm 

The owner - Rossouw Cillie 

Whom  Ross is named after...



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Farm Office

Physical Address: Laastedrif Farm,
Bo-Swaarmoed, Ceres, 6835
Postal Address: P.O. Box 135, Ceres, 6835
Co-ordinates: 33º17’30.92”S 19º37’23.36”E

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Tel: +27 (23) 316 2366
Fax: +27 (23) 316 2385